Endorphins Make You Happy

I’ve often heard the exercise is great for you. An obvious comment, yes. But its good for you in so many ways I didn’t even think of.

Obviously, it keeps you fit and healthy which is something you don’t see around America a lot. No one likes to exercise because it takes work and stamina to keep it up. Its funny that when you start working out, you can’t really stop. You begin to feel like its necessary for your survival, and in many ways, that’s not inaccurate. But there’s one aspect that interested me in particular about excersise.

Supposedly, exercise releases a neurotransmitter called an endorphin. These endorphins have incredible benefits. They are proteins that lower blood pressure,  and are even said to fight cancer. They’re powerful little things. Its kinda crazy to think that one small activity can have such a great effect on your entire body.

Endorphins also do something that I love. They make you happy. Its weird to think about, but its true. And the more happy you are, the more you want to keep going doing exercise. Its like a win-win situation.  But anyway, I know this was a completely random post but maybe if more people exercised, there would be less angry, bitter people because they would all be happy from endorphins! Just a thought, that began with a subject.


~ by aimeeacoustic3 on February 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “Endorphins Make You Happy”

  1. oye chica, when are you going to post again?????

  2. Love your blog man, keep it up. I’m in a particularly happy mood right now and I wanted to share that. But yes, endorphins are great little things 🙂 I’m so snowed under right now with lots of things to do that I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed lately – not normal for me. You should write some more about neuro-peptides and how they are secreted through specific activities such as massage. Ever heard of ayurveda? It’s great.

  3. I just found this entry – three years after it was posted! But it is so true. I just exercised and am walking on air.

  4. Where have you found this information?

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